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The Heavens will put on a special show on Monday, April 8 when some Americans and parts of the world will get a chance to experience an event that rarely happens: A Total Solar Eclipse. The last Eclipse in 2017 was witnessed by 20 million people. You can be a part of this history-making group this year. Here’s the details. According to the Eclipse will visit North America on Monday, April 8 for only 4 minutes. The Eclipse will begin in Texas at 1:27 pm CST/CDT then cross the country ending in Maine at 3:35 pm EST/EDT. Find out if you can see the Eclipse by calling the Science museum in your city or click this link:

NEVER look directly at the Sun because it could damage your eyes. The easiest way to view the Eclipse will be with ISO-certified-safe eclipse glasses. Check this link to make you own safety glasses:

Have fun as you view this display of the Glory of God!!!

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