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It’s hard to write this Blog post because since 2011, I’ve spent day-after-day with Conner. We traveled to his hometown, my home state, many airforce bases, and other destinations in the U.S. together. I’ll always remember our conversations about Habitat, disabled veterans service to the community, Gunsmoke, growing up and things our old school parents said or did, and so much more. No friendship is perfect, but we told one another that we would be there for each other and we did that. We went through many challenges together, some include his: Knee replacement, two heart stent procedures, a pacemaker and defibrillator operation, dialysis for 3 years, a kidney transplant, prostrate cancer treatments, Covid-19, and sooo many doctors appointments as well as my job changes and health challenge. But, on August 22, God took you home to heaven, it’s still surreal for me. Although, I didn’t get a chance to say goodbye to you in the way I wanted to, I know you are looking down at everything. Thank you for doing what you could to protect me from some of the evil in this world, loving me in your way, and being there to support me.

During our travels, we always started each trip with, ‘On the Road Again’: So I’ll end this Blog post by saying, I’ll see you, “On the Road in Heaven again my special dear friend Conner 😪❤🙏🏼.
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