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This series will provide information throughout the 2023 Hurricane Season on storms and suggest ways to keep you and your family safe. Since there have been unprecedented storms from California to Maine this year, the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is expecting the upcoming Hurricane Season to be active. The most memorable active hurricane seasons in the last few decades happened in:  1) 2020 when NOAA ran out of names for storms and resorted to the Greek alphabets, and 2) 2005, when Hurricane Katrina demolished the Gulf of Mexico states. The 2023 list of hurricane names are made up of multigendered and ethnic monikers. June 1st is the official opening day of the 2023 Hurricane Season. I’ll share more information as the season approaches and tips to keep safe during disasters.

For now, here’s a link to my book, The Overlooked Voices of Hurricane Katrina: Mississippi Black Women Survivors Resilience and Recovery

Be sure to check back next week for more information on the upcoming Hurricane Season and my spring book tour.

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