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The CLEO Book Club invited me to give a talk on Mississippi Hurricane Katrina women survivors.

It was a pleasure to meet this group of Black women readers in Centreville which is right outside Washington DC.  I was delighted to see these women walk into the room with their books and engage their members who were watching on Zoom. We had a robust discussion after my talk. Some of the questions raised included, 1) the women’s insurance coverage after Katrina such as flood, water, or wind, 2) what disaster researchers know about social class and recovery after disasters, and 3) what was one of my personal takeaways after interviewing the women over the last 17 years and finishing the book. These questions gave me an opportunity to expand on aspects of the women’s narratives from their audiotaped interviews over the years.

As you can imagine womanist prose and an aura of dignity radiated throughout the room that one-more-book chronicles the lived experiences of Black women from their cultural orientation. Thank you, CLEO Book Club members, I assure you – the Mississippi Hurricane Katrina women survivors are happy you cared enough to read and hear about their experiences.

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