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As disasters continue to bring flooding, wind damage, and adverse weather, a ‘Disaster Text-tree’ is a quick way to keep family and friends informed during storms. What is a ‘Disaster Text-Tree’? Simply put, it’s the names and numbers of your closest contacts (family and friends) stored as a group in your cell phone. Two reasons a ‘Disaster Text-Tree’ is important: 1) during storms telephone lines might be down so a ‘Disaster Text-tree’ message can be a lifeline to communicate with others, 2) it allows you to send one message to several people when life is hectic and uncertain to let them know that you are safe. Most cell phones allow users to send a 20-person group text for free (this varies by carrier). After you prepare your ‘Disaster Text-Tree’: Take a photo and share the list with your family and friends. Then, choose a ‘point person’ who does not live near a coastal community to lead group communications during disasters. Be sure you complete your ‘Disaster Text-Tree’ today!

Check back next week for more information on the weather and information on several of my upcoming book appearances. To get a copy of my book, The Overlooked Voices of Hurricane Katrina: Mississippi Black Women Survivors Resilience and Recovery click this link:

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