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Regardless of where you live keep your eye on the weather this weekend, because 20 million people are under a weather alert. California weather continues to cause major problems from flash flooding to hurricane force winds between 60 to 70mph, and snow in addition to mud slides. As the weather system moves across the middle of the country, there is a Blizzard warning for the midwestern states that will produce rain, snow, and flood watches. As the systems works across the country the Northeast will experience cold wrap-around-rain that turns into a few inches of snow from New York City to Maine as conditions set up the first Noreaster of the 2023.

So, what can you do? is an app that can keep you safe as these systems occur and change. Just enter your zip code in the app and you will get current information for your neck of the woods. Share this Blog post with family and friends to keep everyone safe this weekend.

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