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As we learn to live with the Pandemic, although this series started a few years ago, tips from Hurricane Katrina survivors’ advice on persevering is still relevant today. My book on Mississippi women Katrina survivors can help you get through the aftermath of the Pandemic. One woman said, “it’s been a few years since Katrina and life is better. One of the things Katrina taught us was [that] there are no material things that are worth your life. Nothing has the value you thought it did and things you thought you couldn’t live without – Katrina taught us how to live without them”. Another Hurricane Katrina survivor told me, “Katrina was devastating, but it was a blessing too. See, I have seen women stepping up and trying to make sure their communities are sustained. They were not doing that before the storm”.

Although few – these women’s words of survival and perseverance will help you find strength to continue the legacy of your family or perservere as you meet the needs of people within your reach. May these women’s stories of persistence encourage you to keep navigating the Pandemic as we look forward to better days.

Check out my blog next week for more upcoming news on my 2023 book talks, conferences, and interviews I have scheduled to make sure these Mississippi women’s Hurricane Katrina stories encourage and are remembered forever. Or for more inspiration, you can get a copy of my book, The Overlooked Voices of Hurricane Katrina: Mississippi Black Women Survivors Resilience and Recovery.

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