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The narratives in my book on Hurricane Katrina women survivors provide strategies on how to get through stressful times, like the Christmas season.

“Just do what you can do” one woman said. Another woman commented, ‘decide to just get one or two things done each day and you will be surprised at how good that makes you feel’. These Katrina survivors kept a tight rein on their activities and focused on only a few things to keep from feeling overwhelmed during the stressful time after the disaster.

Another tip to persevere through the busy Holiday’s is to ‘stay positive’. These hurricane survivors ‘looked for the good things that were happening’ even though things were hectic. “I noticed the small things that people did to help me because they cared, like the volunteers who came,” one woman said. This woman stated, “I had so much to be thankful for…after Katrina because I am alive”. Staying optimistic and remembering that you survived the Pandemic can help you get through the Holiday’s just like these Katrina survivors navigated the aftermath of that time.

For more encouraging information on how to persevere thru the Holiday’s or the Pandemic, check out my book on these Hurricane Katrina women survivors here:

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