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The Pandemic has been tough but here are a few reasons to keep going. This month I visited ‘The Harriet Tubman Byway’ and ‘The Colored Girls Museum’ (CGM). Both places were dedicated to the lives of Black women who persevered thru the unbelievable life experience of slavery and educational segregation. One site provided one woman’s legacy of freedom for herself and her community and the other highlighted Black women’s educational tradition of teaching the next generation in their one-room schoolhouses. Here are two quotes from each location, Harriet Tubman said, “He gave me the strength in my limbs to keep going” and “our goal is to find ‘ordinary extraordinary’ people who made a difference in their neighborhoods by teaching classes, packing lunches, and healing folks” said CGM founder, Vashti DuBois. These examples reminded me that – if they could persist through unfathomable historical conditions – certainly, we can find the stamina to move through minor social inconveniences in modern times. While at each place, my thoughts turned to Mississippi Hurricane Katrina Survivors who endured horrific conditions after the disaster – but – kept going. Hopefully, this Blog post helps you ‘Keep Hope Alive’.

You can find more about the Katrina women’s experiences in my book at this link:

Don’t miss next week’s Blog to get more information on the 2022 Hurricane Season and more encouragement on Persevering Through the Pandemic.

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