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The Pandemic continues to ebb and flow as it disrupts our lives. Hurricane Katrina, the worst natural disaster in American history interrupted the lives of the Mississippi women I interviewed and their lesson this week is to ‘keep pressing on despite the situation you are facing’.

These Hurricane Katrina survivors said, “it was really hard – everything changed after the Katrina, but I knew that if my ancestors went through what they experienced which was much worse than this situation, I, could and, would keep going too”. Another woman said, “one day I thought to myself, well I keep waking up every day. I didn’t get hurt after the storm so there is a purpose and reason that I’m still here. You see, a lot of people died during and after Katrina but I am still here so I will make the best of this situation even though it’s not ideal.”

Despite the Pandemic, we, too, can find reasons to keep going and get inspiration from these determined disaster survivors encouraging words in my book, The Overlooked Voices of Hurricane Katrina Mississippi Black Women’s Resilience and Recovery.

Be sure to check my Blog next week for more information on the upcoming 2022 Hurricane Season.

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