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In two months, we’ll be in the throughs of the 2022 Hurricane season. This post provides tips from Hurricane Katrina survivors that are discussed in my book.  First, create a disaster plan. Decide what you will do, who will evaluate with you and where you will go including the route you will take to get to a safe place. Second, create a text tree to contact family and friends which includes the order of how your family will touch base with each other – before, during, and after the storm. Both a disaster plan and text tree are vital because as storms approach, time is of the essence and after disasters, due to power outages, communicating with others is difficult. These tips will help you manage the disaster and keep your family safe.
Check my blog next week for more information as we approach hurricane season and get more insights from my book, The Overlooked Voices of Hurricane Katrina:  Mississippi Black Women Survivors’ Resilience and Recovery.
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