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A major snowstorm swiftly swept across the Ohio Valley, the Midwest, and up the Northeast corridor causing damage and power outages. Over half of the U.S. is covered with snow which causes tree limbs to snap which leads to power outages. Half a million Americans are without power and this number does not include communities affected who have under 10, 000 people. So, what can you do now to get your power restored and keep your family safe? First, just follow this link to contact your local electric company to report any problems you are experiencing: ( Second, be safe if you go outside because after snowstorms and down power lines there could be live wire and hidden danger. Lastly, know that utility crews are on their way to help you to repair and restore power as soon as possible.

Be sure to check my Blog next week for more information to keep you and your family safe during disasters and hear more about my book, The Overlooked Voices of Hurricane Katrina: Mississippi Black Women Survivors Resilience and Recovery.

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