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Hurricane Nicholas is over but there are three systems churning in the Atlantic Ocean that may impact coastal communities in the next week, so get your communications phone tree plan ready now. A phone tree communications plan during an emergency is a good way to check in with family members and vulnerable neighbors during a hurricane. Here’s how it works, first, write down the names and telephone numbers of family and friends, don’t just keep them on your phone because during a hurricane you may lose power (include children in the communications plan, let them write the names and you can write the numbers on paper). Take a photo and share the list with your family and friends. Second, choose two family members who do not live near a coastal community as the out-of-town key contact person that all family members will call or text during a hurricane. Make sure every family member and friend have the out-of-town key contact person’s, name and telephone number on paper. Third, tell family members to text a short message to the key contact persons about their location and safety. For example, text, “I am safe at Hotel name in Austin Texas” or “We are safe about 30 miles from Delaware near Wilmington”. Lastly, discuss the plan and have a practice call to make sure everyone has the key contact person’s name, number, and routine on how the Hurricane Communications plan will work in real time when you need it. Check back next week for more Hurricane information to keep you and your family safe. Remember to share my Blog!



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