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If Hurricane Elsa’s destruction from Florida to Maine indicates the intensity of the 2021 hurricane season, you better get ready now!

When Elsa made landfall as a tropical storm, she still had 60mph winds, spun tornadoes in six states, caused flash flooding, and killed three people along her path.

The National Hurricane Center (NHC) expects at least 5 more hurricanes with greater or equal strength of Elsa in 2021. That’s said, here’s a few things you can do NOW to get ready before the next hurricane arrives from the experiences of Hurricane Katrina Mississippi Women survivors.

Pack your disaster kit. It should include: 1) a flashlight with working batteries, 2) water, 3) snacks, and 4) the telephone number of your local utility company. Also, you should know your:  a) evacuation route and b) your flood risk.

Until next week, share and forward this BLOG post to family and friends so that they can get ready for the next hurricane because it will be on our doorstep soon.

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