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This week, I attended a NOAA (National Institute of Oceanic Administration) webnair and learned about an website that I knew would be the topic of my blog. Hurricanes produce a lot of water and that can lead to flooding.  An organization named First Street Foundation has designed an Website to help you understand your risk for flooding during a hurricane or in general. The website is called Flood Factor and it is easy to use.  Regardless of where you live in the US, when you open Flood Factor and enter an address within seconds you will receive the flood risk for the area you entered.  Sounds too good to be true but it is. I entered my address, that of friend’s and family, and the website generated the flood zone information on each location. One of the founders of First Street Foundation worked at NOAA for years and said this information is needed for Hurricane preparedness. Also, the website can be helpful to people who are buying homes before closing. Be sure you share Flash Flood’s website with family and try it out to get ready before the next hurricane washes ashore.  Here’s the link:   Next week, I’ll share more information to keep you and your family safe during the 2021 Hurricane Season.

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