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Since 2018, I have been involved with the Hampton Roads Poor People’s Campaign: A Call for Moral Revival. In 1968, The Rev. Dr. MLK started the Poor People’s Campaign but the effort laid dormant for 50 years until the Rev. Dr. William Barber and Rev. Dr. Liz TheoHaris revitalized the Movement. Now, I am a Tri-Chair in the Hampton Roads Poor People’s Campaign where we have over 200 volunteers. We are working to bring the plight of poor and low-wage workers to the forefront. The Hampton Roads Poor People’s Campaign is committed to letting impacted people lead and work to get policies changed because everyone deserves a right to live a decent life with their basic needs met. Our mission is “everyone in – nobody out”! Today, I received a call from the Hampton Roads Alliance President inviting me to join a panel of women leaders in our region to talk about the Poor People’s Campaign’s work in our area.

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