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The Pandemic has tested us in ways we didn’t know we could manage, but as tragic as Hurricane Katrina was, Black women survivors found ways to keep going and they have lessons to help us persevere too.

Two things these women survivors did to press on after Hurricane Katrina. First, they helped others when they were going through tough times. Betty, a Mississippi survivor said, “since all the food in the refrigerator was going bad because we didn’t have any electricity, my neighbors and I started grilling all the meat and vegetables. We fed anyone who was hungry”. Betty said, that really made her, “feel good” and reminded her that, “there was a reason God” let her survive the disaster.

Another woman, Jean said, “a friend told me about a group of women who were forming an organization to meet the needs of women and children”. After attending a few meetings, Jean said, “I became a leader in the group”. Her action led Jean to make a career change to CEO of the organization as she moved toward recovery after Hurricane Katrina.

The women’s words are powerful and – if we follow their example – they will inspire us to Persevere thru the COVID-19 Pandemic too.

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