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When I was a little girl, my parents would mention my mother’s brother’s wife who had moved to Flint Michigan who they called “Feet”. It would be decades before I would get to know Aunt Mary (her real name) personally: This week she went home to be with God. It was one of Aunt Mary’s five children, Bernadette, who reintroduced me to my REAL Aunt Mary. During family vacations on the East Coast, I got a chance to know this GIANT of a woman who worked all her life, loved and raised her children, was an instrumental influence in the lives of her grand, and great-grand children. Aunt Mary was known for her HUGS, I got my last hug – which I was looking forward to – three months ago when I was in Flint for my sister’s services. But you know what I loved just as much if not even more than Aunt Mary’s hugs was the lovely SMILE on her face whenever I saw her. That smile is etched in my mind and I miss her so much already. So, I dedicate this song to my cousins, family, and all she touched as our hearts are heavy. May it give you a hug and smile that reminds you of our loving Aunt Mary. Please keep the family lifted up in prayer.

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