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August 29, 2021 is Hurricane Katrina’s 16th anniversary, but right now all eyes are on Category 4 Hurricane Ida as she roars across the Gulf Coast states of Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama to the Florida panhandle.  At 10 am today Hurricane Ida made landfall two times in Louisiana at 150 mph and she has pounded the coastal communities throughout the day.  We will find out more about the destruction in other states tomorrow morning. The National Hurricane Center says, the region will have hurricane force sustained winds throughout the night, continued storm surge threats, and at least 20-24 inches of rainfall. Shortly before 9:00pm tonight – the entire city of New Orleans lost power because of Ida’s force. Many other regions have lost power too. Electric companies will start to work on power restoration at daybreak. Here’s how you can contact your local electric company: ( Coastal residents will face life threatening conditions until Hurricane Ida’s strength decreases. Authorities are asking all residents to stay inside until search, rescue, and clean-up starts tomorrow morning.


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